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Refrigeration: ARC Licence Nos: AU34651

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At Pearson Refrigeration & Air Conditioning all residential fridge services are our speciality. Today’s thinking is too often, let’s ‘just buy a new one’ – well we recommend you call us first. We offer a very competitive pricing and service for spare parts and replacement, so please don’t hesitate to call Rob.

We often have refrigeration items we have re-furbished backed by our warranty – please call me to check: M 0417 329 912 or

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Refrigerant Handling Licence

A Refrigerant Handling Licence (RHL) is for an individual who carries out work in relation to RAC equipment. (this includes decanting; manufacturing, installing, commissioning, servicing and maintaining RAC equipment - whether or not refrigerant is present; and decommissioning RAC equipment in which refrigerant is present).

Air Conditioning:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioners Australia Pty Ltd (MHIAA) is a major supplier of commercial and residential air conditioning products in Australia and other South Pacific countries. Here at Pearson Refrigeration & Air Conditioning we proudly offer their products. This is due to our long term installation and servicing of all types of units and coming to the understanding we achieve maximum operational effectiveness and benefits from MHIAA products.

Products available: see here for images

  • Wall Split systems

    The MHIAA  range of systems (SRK & DXK) have an indoor air conditioning unit that is mounted on a wall in the room or living space that is to be air-conditioned and attached to an outdoor inverter unit. MHIAA’s range of quality inverter wall splits includes capacities as small as 2.0kW and as large as 9.2kW. You’ll be sure to find a unit to suit the room or living space you need air-conditioned. Click for More Info.

  • Floor Standing

    Available as wall hanging, floor standing or behind gallery units - see here for the MHIAA - WERA Series available to suit your needs. (Note: max size unit is 5.0kw)

  • Multi Inverter Systems

    The ideal way to Condition the whole house or just a few rooms, this can be an energy & cost effective solution. MHIAA has a number of Multi Inverter series models available, see here for more info.

  • Ceiling Concealed & Ducted units

    Ceiling concealed units distribute the warm and cool air evenly throughout the room from a grill that is attached to the unit which is concealed in the roof space.

    Our Ceiling Concealed units offer a slim, low-profile design that is only 200mm in height, making this system an excellent choice for apartment rooms or installations where ceiling spaces are limited and indoor unit needs to be fitted in a concealed area.

    The MHIAA -Ducted units -  details here.

We can advise you on the most appropriate system to suit your home requirements.

Here are some image examples of site installations that may assist you in your decision making.